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Shock Collar Question - January 12

91st Rose Bowl Game

Photo: Getty Images North America

If you’ve been listening to the show for the past two days, you know how hard this is going to be for me to say…. But Today…. is going to be the FINAL EDITION of DIM-Personations with Brooke…

I know, it’s a sad day for ALL… Brooke has had the run of a lifetime … with such memorable impressions… like: “Miley Cyrus, High after JawSurgery,”…. “Wait, Chris Rock was on 30 rock, right?”…. and “Angry Middle Aged smoker yells about Plane Snakes”

I wouldn’t say they were “good" impressions… NOBODY would say that…. but they DID make me laugh… and they did result in several lawsuit complaints filed against the company… and that’s REALLY all that matters.

So I hope we can keep the good times rolling…. one final time… as we do the FAREWELL EDITION of “DIM-Personations with Brooke!”

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