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Shock Collar Question - January 17


Photo: AFP

This week, we decided to try out a brand new game called: “Plenty of Twenty”… where the hosts SIMPLY had to name ANY ONE of the TOP 20 answers from a list, in order to stay in the competition…

Yesterday’s LIST?… was the TOP 20 Largest Restaurant Chains in the US (by number of locations)

But the BIG story… was Brooke’s SHOCKING (and frankly highly-embarrassing) EARLY EXIT…. When she got her very first guess wrong… so she was INSTANTLY eliminated… and had to sit on the sidelines… And this is a FUN GAME… You should've SEEN the FOMO on Brooke’s Face…. 

But despite yesterday’s SHAMEFUL performance… I’m sure Brooke won’t completely embarrass herself AGAIN… as we continue with another edition of “PLENTY OF TWENTY”

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