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Shock Collar Question - February 1

Times Square in the morning

Photo: Alexander Spatari / Stone / Getty Images

You may not BELIEVE THIS... but this show… is actually full of Experienced World Travelers… Like:

Jeffrey recently went to Amsterdam… but never visited the famous RED LIGHT district. He was more interested in the Black light district… Not sure EXACTLY what that is… 

Meanwhile, Alexis took a trip to Germany – and not JUST for the sausage (even though her insta-story says she enjoyed it)

And of course Brooke loves rubbing it in our faces that she rode an endangered Elephant in Thailand… and even paid an extra $50 dollars to let her draw a mustache on it with Sharpie… 

And today, all those worldly experiences will come in handy…. As you Name the TOP 20 Most visited tourist attractions on EARTH…. During a special First-Class Traveler Edition of Plenty of Twenty.

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