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Shock Collar Question - February 7

A man is using a notebook computer to searching for information. A virtual screen of the Search website browser for finding data on the internet. Global network, search engine optimization technology

Photo: Ole_CNX / iStock / Getty Images

Rarely do we ever do PSA’s on this show… but this is too important, please listen to the following audio...

You’re probably wondering “what the heck was that”?… That’s not a PSA, thats some HACKY, CHEESY 90s Jingle… you stole off Sesame Street about the World Wide Web…

But - if you really concentrate on those words…. “On your mark, get set… We’re riding on the internet”…. Thats exactly what you're doing today… as you try to identify the TOP 20 Most Visited websites in America… for a special High-Speed 5G Edition of Plenty of Twenty.

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