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Shock Collar Question - February 29

Ja Rule

Photo: Getty Images

Did you know… 12 Years Ago, on THIS VERY DATE… February 29th… a momentous occasion happened, when our own Alexis Fuller was officially handed her Drivers Permit (at that point the world had NO IDEA what havoc was about to reaped on them...)

But that wasn’t the only big event happening that day... a famous rapper was celebrating his birthday, WHILE ALSO being convicted of gun possession… I'm talking about Grammy Nominated & Well respected Hip Hop artist…. JA RULE

You see Ja, was born on a Leap Day (February 29th, 1976)…

That way today… in honor of LEAP YEAR… and Brooke's biggest celebrity crush…. we're doing JA RULE TRIVIA… for a special round of Plenty of Twenty… 

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