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Shock Collar Question - March 5

Magician putting ring around levitating woman

Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc / DigitalVision / Getty Images

Did you know it's the Birthday of a very famous Las Vegas Performer…One half of the magic duo PENN & TELLER… Penn is turning 69.

If you’ve never seen em before… or NEVER HEARD of them… 

They became famous starting in the late 70s, with their comedy magic act…. And one of the most QUIRKY aspects of their show, is Teller doesn't speak a word during the entire performance… in fact he’s never said anything ON STAGE for over 40 years.

Just Imagine if one half of the radio duo “Brooke & Jeffrey” didn’t speak ON AIR for that long… (our ratings might actually go up?)

So in honor of Penn & his birthday… all of your questions today have to do with MAGICIANS, TRICKS & ILLUSIONS… and a brand new Plenty of Twenty…

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