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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 29

Cowboy Carter

Photo: Parkwood/Columbia Records

  • Critics are calling Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” a “MASTERPIECE“, saying its “far broader than simply a country album”! Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and even Beyoncé’s 6 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, Rumi, make appearances on it! What’s your favorite track so far???? And if you’re headed to a LISTENING PARTY, Lyft is offering 50% off with a special code!
  • Travis Kelce perfectly responds to criticism about his “DAD BOD“….and his friends tried to troll him by playing “Bad Blood” while golfing but it totally backfired! [VIDEO BELOW]
  • VIDEO: The trailer is here for Jerry Seinfeld’s POP TART MOVIE! Seinfeld stars alongside Melissa McCarthyJim Gaffigan and Amy Schumer
  • Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock were seen leaving a prestigious PLASTIC SURGERY RETREAT in Connecticut together
  • Science finds POP MUSIC LYRICS have gotten “simpler”, “more repetitive”, and “easier to understand” since the 1980s
  • Will Smith says MONEY doesn’t make him happy anymore, “The first half of my life was gather, gather, gather, the second half of my life is gonna be give, give, give.”
  • Billie Eilish BLASTS ARTISTS, like Taylor Swift, for being wasteful by releasing multiple vinyl variants to boost sales, “It’s so wasteful, and it’s irritating to me that we’re still at a point where you care that much about your numbers and you care that much about making money.”
  • PICS: Hailey Bieber is modeling Victoria’s Secret’s bridal collection
  • PICS: Josh Gad, aka Olaf, visited the World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Jason Biggs opens up about how good he was at HIDING HIS ALCOHOLISM from his wife, “I’m going to the liquor store and buying a fifth of vodka, drinking it and then driving home”
  • LISTEN: Lorde’s version of “Take Me to the River” from the upcoming Talking Heads tribute album