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Shock Collar Question - April 26

D Sea Cliff Br 2 North Above

Photo: zetter / iStock / Getty Images

Grab Your Boomerangs… and prepare to get SQUEEZED Tighter than Chris Hemsworth Curling a Koala….. Cuz it’s National “Hug an Australian Day”

Where we show some love… to our Vegemite-Loving friends from Down Unda!

And if you’ve never been there…. You may not realize a lot of places in Australia have strange & quirky sounding names…. based on the Aboriginal language (OR it could be cuz they drink alot - and you never know what they’ll say)

Thats why today… I’ll give you the name of a PLACE IN AUSTRALIA…. You tell me if it’s REAL or MADE UP… in a special Aussie edition of PLENTY OF TWENTY.

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