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Shock Collar Question - May 13

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

Photo: Getty Images North America

Did you know… the name “Steve” is a MASCULINE NAME of British origin that means “Crown” or “Victorious” or “Garland”… And it derives from the Greek Name: “Stephanos”….

Because in Ancient Greece… wreaths or garlands were given to Victors to award them for their success in competition… 

So if you won a chariot race… they’d give you a nice “LEAFY STEVE”… If you looked that up on Urban Dictionary… it means something TOTALLY DIFFERENT now… 

But why the History lesson???… Because we’re celebrating the birthdays of Two famous Steves today… LATE NIGHT TV HOST, Stephen Colbert … and Grammy-Winning Artist STEVIE WONDER.

So you’ll be identifying the TOP 20 Most FAMOUS STEVES of all Time… in special Steve Edition of PLENTY OF TWENTY….

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