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Shock Collar Question - May 23

Tom's Restaurant, Armstrong Hall Building

Photo: Douglas Sacha / Moment Unreleased / Getty Images

What ever happened to Predictability? The Milkman… The PaperBoy?…. Brooke seduced them all...

And She GOT THE IDEA…. From the theme song of the classic 90s TV SHOW, FULL HOUSE (featuring Bob Saget, John Stamos & The Olson Twins)

On this day… back in 1995, the VERY LAST EPISODE of that show aired…. after 8 seasons. (Which is actually pretty short… relative to the Longest-Running Sitcoms in History)

So, Alexis is gonna be at a severe disadvantage today…. Cuz we’re doing a special…. LONGEST RUNNING SITCOMS EDITION of Plenty of Twenty…

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