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Shock Collar Question - June 24

Duo News

Photo: BrendanHunter / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

It’s a beautiful time of year when people are heading out to theme parks… to gorge themselves on fried cakes… get sun-burned in Hour long lines & spend $75 bucks on a Brimless Hat with ears ON THE TOP for some reason?

And who do we have to thank for that? … You might think “Walt Disney” …. but you’d only be HALF RIGHT… cuz today is actually the birthday of his older brother ROY….It’s true, ROY DISNEY helped his brother Walt create & manage the Entire Disney Company. 

Walt ended up getting all the credit later in life… but for decades, Him & Roy were a DYNAMIC BUSINESS DUO… That’s why today… we’re gonna celebrate other Fearsome Two-somes…. In a SPECIAL “Complete that DUO Edition” of Plenty of Twenty!

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