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Alexis Fuller is the newest addition to Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning! While she was originally hired to be a Social Media Coordinator for the show, her bubbly personality and self-deprecating humor won over the entire team and they knew immediately she had a bright future as an on-air talent!  Representing the Gen Z'ers, she's a recent Boise State University grad who still relies on her parents to cover her cell phone bill. As a collegiate track & cross country athlete, she has a passion for running, but now likes to hobby jog wherever the greatest concentration of hot men in the city happens to be. She spends as much time as possible reminding everyone that she is the youngest member of the show. Her dating life is often a topic of discussion...because it’s well, how do we put this... fascinating. You can find her on the weekends either working her other job as a barista or out drinking with her roomie. If you are reading this and happen to have a yacht or access to a rooftop pool, please feel free to DM her on Instagram immediately.