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Brooke and Jeffrey In The Morning

Brooke and Jeffrey In The Morning

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Shock Collar Question - March 31

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We’ve been playing CAP OR NO CAP (The Gen-Z game, that for some reason Alexis is horrible at)… and recently, we split off into MEN vs WOMEN…. 

The first time... the women won (with an Asterisk - cuz apparently there were some dirty dealing happening under the table by a certain female host who refused to lower her chair… so that victory was TOSSED) 

Then in the 2nd round... the MEN came out ahead in a landslide victory

Afterwards… Jeff walked up to Brooke... and in the spirit of Sportsmanship - held out his hand & said “HEY… GOOD GAME BROOKE... NOW, LETS GO BACK TO DOING SINGLES CUZ CLEARLY, THE GIRLS TEAM IS AT A SEVERE DISADVANTAGE…”

And thats when Brooke Spit PINOT NOIR right into his face… (yes, she’d been drinking since 5am… not a surprise….) and she loudly told him where Jeff could SHOVE HIS PEACE OFFERING…. 

So we forge on… with another BOYS VS GIRLS edition of cap or no cap. 

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