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Brooke and Jeffrey In The Morning

Brooke and Jeffrey In The Morning

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Shock Collar Question - April 2

Mother and daughter reading a children's book on the couch

Photo: Hello Africa / DigitalVision / Getty Images

In honor of National Children’s Book Day… I’d like to read you all a STORY….. Once upon a time, in a muggy, 80 degree radio studio… far far away… 4 bumbling entertainers put their sweaty necks on the line… to be electrocuted by a large dog shock collar.

But this wasn’t just any ordinary collar… you see this collar MAGICALLY fit around each of their Neck perfectly (no matter how many chins, they were sporting that morning).

There was ONLY ONE HOPE to save themselves… and that was to CORRECTLY answer trivia questions…. Given to them by the very handsome & incredibly charming Digital Producer…. Prince Jake.

Will these 4 numbskulls get a happily ever after this morning? Lets find out as we play…. MOST POPULAR CHILDREN’S BOOK EDITION OF PLENTY OF TWENTY

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