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Shock Collar Question - April 12

Young girl running up steps while walking dog

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Put your crocs in Sport Mode and moisturize your haunches because it’s National Walking Day!! Thats right... We’ll be talking about the world’s favorite form of exercise for people over the age of 70 and under the age of 7.

And because its national walk day.... we're going to celebrate it by doing a ‘Fun But Slower Than A Run’ One And Done Shock Collar Question… 

Each of you will receive a trivia question about walking, if you get it right you’re safe, if you get it wrong, I will take your car keys and you will have to walk to Brooke’s house across the broken bridge to retrieve them. 

Starting with the person who learned to walk most recently… Alexis..

Experts says that the average walker gets up to 3.1 miles per hour, but if you can walk to the rhythm of WHAT Taylor Swift song, you can reach speeds of 5 miles per hour?

Brooke, I’ve seen you dance and youre no stranger to weird movements. So here’s this…

You burn 78% more calories by walking THIS way rather than straight forward. What is it??

Jose, I know you might be out of breath from just hearing about so much walking but stay with me…

In the 1970’s 66% of people walked to get to this place, and today only 13% of people do it, where is it?

Sweet, Sweet ambulatory Jeffrey. Here is your question… 

Please rank this countries from most to least average steps taken per day: Japan, India, Australia…

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