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Shock Collar Question - July 9

Puppy stealing christmas cookies

Photo: DarrensProFotos / E+ / Getty Images

If the listeners don’t know this… Many shock collar questions are derived from the plentiful list of random "made up" holidays that are listed on the internet (reax) Some make total sense.... like January 9th is static electricity day. No duh. 

Then there's others are head scratchers... like March 11th - which just happens to be oatmeal nut waffle day. Everyone knows that should be March 14th. Not sure how they screwed up that one. 

And well todays... might throw you for a loop because you'd think NATIONAL SUGAR COOKIE day would happen in December because of Christmas?? But NOOOO! Its July 9th!??

That’s why I’m calling an AUDIBLE and we’re leaving the sunshine and hot dogs for a CHRISTMAS IN JULY EDITION OF PLENTY OF TWENTY

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