Snapchat Ghost Has The Internet Spooked

Have you heard of the Snapchat Ghost yet? And no, I'm not talking about the logo.

A Georgia woman posted this picture to Facebook and what looks like a ghost in the background has the entire internet scratching their heads. 

The photo is of the woman's daughter in the cab of a truck, and her son in the bed. But if you look closely to the right of the boy, can you see it? A faint outline of a person in the trees. It appears to be a man wearing a hat and a collared shirt or jacket. 

This was enough for some people to swear ghosts are real but I'm not so sure. Wonders can be done with photoshop so I'm hesitant to fully dive in and say this is real but it's definitely creepy.

But it's definitely more fun to believe in ghosts so until we see more evidence one way or the other, it may be impossible to decide if it's real or not. 

If you want to read more about the picture you can do that here.

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