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Brooke is a Marconi Award winning radio host, TV personality, new mom and small town kid living the big city dream. Working in morning radio for 13...Full Bio


TODAY vs BACK IN THE DAY - Big Game Special

Super Bowl Sunday Written on a Calendar

Photo: OntheRunPhoto / iStock / Getty Images

If you follow the “Brooke & Jeffrey” podcast, THANK YOU! (If you don’t, how embarrassing!) Here are all the Super Bowl commercials we cover in our special edition of “Today vs Back in the Day”! The game were we pit the generations against each other…aka Brooke vs Alexis. It’s available only on the podcast and brand new every Saturday! (Search “Brooke & Jeffrey” on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get yours)

Brooke’s Top 3 1990s (ok and one from 2000) commercials:

  • The Bud Weis Er Frogs of 1995!
  • 1993 HARE Jordan vs AIR Jordan
  • EDS Herding Cats

Alexis’ Top 3 from the last decade(ish)

  • Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby
  • Volkswagen The Force
  • Budweiser Dilly Dilly