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Shock Collar Question - May 16

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Yesterday, we took an awkward trip down memory lane…  when we played the game: “WHO TWEETED IT?” (Trying to identify which members of this show… POSTED old tweets from years ago)

But the truth is… Jeff & Alexis don’t really tweet much AT ALL… so we’ve already tapped that resource. 

And Today, we’re focusing SPECIFICALLY on the two most INTERNET-ADDICTED members of the morning show: Brooke & Jose

So…we’re going around the room & each of you will be read a tweet from either Brooke or Jose… WITH ONE WORD MISSING…. you’ll have to correctly fill in the blank in order to save yourself from electrocution. Get it wrong & you’ll be singing the high voltage blues. 

It’s time for a "Fill In The Tweet Edition” of the One and Done Shock 

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