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Shock Collar Question - September 11

Pizza chef working in the kitchen

Photo: sanjeri / E+ / Getty Images

The last time Brooke tried to re-heat one of her Homemade “Lung Fish & River Eel Salad Medleys” in the Office Breakroom... a Hazmat team had to be called in to DISINFECT the Building…So safe to say, Cooking isn't really our strong suit… we’d rather leave that to the pro's

And it just so happens, the 2nd Week of September… is “Chef Appreciation Week”… So Today you’re all going to be force fed questions about some of the world's most famous chefs… AND you have to answer them correctly or you’ll be hard boiled... blended... and spread over dry toast… in a One and Done… Hot Cross Buns… Tossed With Salt & Pickled Onions… Shock Collar Question of the Day…

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