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Shock Collar Question - September 13

Black cat with witch hat for halloween. isolated on white background

Photo: Lubov / iStock / Getty Images

If you haven’t checked your calendar… It is the 13th day of the month…. And even though there’s a lot of Hub-bub about the number 13 being unlucky… you’re actually *IN* LUCK today…. because it happens to be: DEFY SUPERSTITION DAY

So rather than hiding from black cats… Avoiding ladders… and keeping Alexis away from any fragile (easily-shattered) mirrors before she’s puts her fake-eyelashes on… we’re going to stare down… some the strangest superstitions from around the world

In a special one & done… step on a crack, break your mama’s back, there was plenty of room on that floating door from Titanic to fit both Rose AND JACK…. Shock Collar Question of the day 

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