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Shock Collar Question - November 10

Artificial Intelligence Brain

Photo: Getty Images

You might not be able to tell from LISTENING... but all the people on this show, have ONE THING IN COMMON... and that's..... BRAINS. 

Believe or not - we HAVE EM... and thats what today's question is ALL ABOUT... It's National Brain Awareness Week.

Thats why today, we're going around the room for a special ONE & DONE Shock...on the mystery & wonder of that little Squishy Pink Thing up in your Head.  

We're going to start with Alexis... And since in a previous episode of the show) you had trouble SPELLING the word Brain... you'll get the EASIEST question. 

Alexis... 60% of the Human Brain is made of WHAT?... Water? Fat? or Information?

Brooke, We all know men tend to have Larger Brains than Women.... OR DO WE?!?!?! True or False? 

Jose, If your brain is experiencing...sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia... whats going on with you? It's actually a very COMMON THING and its happened to you multiple times. What is it? 

Jeff... The Human Brain can generate about 23 Watts of Power. Which is enough energy to power what? A Calculator... A Light Bulb... or a Box Fan? 

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